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Innovation from A to Z

Culture of innovation - NRR®

“Neuro Reward Roadmap” Implementação de Cultura de Inovação sustentável e contínua com base nos preceitos da neurociência aplicada.

Innovation Management - QMBW®

Conceptualization, Structuring, Implementation and Operation of the Innovation area in the model "Quick Win / Medium Win / Best Win"

Product and Service Design

"Khanum Innovation Process" Development focused on the usability and brain acceptability of the user of products and services.

Transformação Digital FDTRD®

"Fast Digital Transformation ROI Driven" Digital transformation based on agile methods and return on investment.

Open Innovation

Connection to the ecosystem of Innovation, Startups and Exponential Technological Solutions national and international

KISOP Business and Process Modeling®

“Khanum Innovation on Standard Operational Procedure” e Canvas BMG


Training, Courses and Lectures in company in various formats

Department of Innovation

Design, Implementation, Operation and Remodeling of Innovation Department

Innovation Events

Support and organization of Hackathons, Meetups, Lectures, Courses, etc.

Business Tour

Design and realization of customized Business Tour focused on Innovation in Brazil, USA (Silicon Valley), Middle East and Asia. *Exclusive service to our Customers.

Accelerator Design and Venture Capital

Design, Implementation and Operation of Accelerator and Venture Capital with the objective of acquisition and / or traction of Startups

Fundraising, Development Laws and ICT

Support to the process of Fundraising incentive laws, such as Law of Good, as well as design and / or operation of ICT