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Who we are .

Khanum is an Innovation Consultancy specialized in Innovation Management, Innovation Culture and Digital Transformation that helps its Clients achieve results through Corporate Innovation.

Khanum’s main core is to support clients in the creation and organizationally structure of an internal innovation department, in intellectual training of the leadership body and employees and in the preparation for a mindset change aimed at implementing the Culture of Continuous Institutional Innovation.

The agency cover innovation projects involving the creation and development of new ideas, services, products, spin offs, business models, process remodeling, as well as complex problem solving, anti-attrition mechanisms, trend anticipation, connection with the ecosystem of startups/solutions and specific needs on demand.

To create an assertive and fast strategic planning, Khanum employs agile methodologies, enhanced to the precepts of Neuroscience applied to business. Thus, the cultural maturity of the corporate environment is perennially understood and correlated with the transformational potential of the company.

What do we do .

Innovation Management

Structuring of Innovation Area

Open Innovation

Culture of innovation

Digital Transformation

Business and Process Modeling

Product and Service Design



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Our Differentials .

We have 9 major market differentials that will convince you to work with us. Check it out!

Our methodologies .

We put a pinch of NeuroBusiness to the main Methodologies and Good Market Practices. Understand more…

Our Team .

We are a group of consultants with more than 15 years of experience in the corporate market. Structured in network company model, our team’s expertise:

Innovation, Neurobusiness, Traditional and Digital Marketing, Management and Governance, Information Technology, UX/CX, Product Design, Business and Services, Foreign Trade, Productive Creativity, Mindset Change, Legislation and Development Laws, Human Talents, Branding, Rhetoric, Theater, Startups, Agile Methods, Production of Innovation Events, Administration, etc.

We are obsessed with results and we know that innovation can suffer several mishaps in its journey, we are prepared and for us, the End Result is what matters.

Lots of Experience .



BigIdea app® .

Bigideapp is a gamified enterprise innovation management platform. Created from our 15 years of experience in the innovation market, it is a complete solution to organize and manage ideas and projects in an agile model, in addition to allowing the creation and management of events, courses, workshops, lectures, connections with the ecosystem and numerous other features.

BigIdea APP

Know our Innovation Management APP


We developed the BigIdea application in a gamified way to encourage active participation of employees in innovation projects.


When participating in events and in innovation projects, the employee will receive a virtual score to exchange in a customized marketplace to the company profile.

Funnel of Ideas

We know the difficulties of attracting new ideas in companies and BigIdea came to help this process, that is, the employee can gain benefits by communicating new insights.

#Gobigideapp .