A Boutique Consulting Firm

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Who we are .

Khanum is a BRD Consulting firm “ROI Driven Boutique", which helps clients achieve results through Corporate Innovation and Digital Transformation.


Khanum’s main core is to support clients creating and structurally organizing an internal innovation department, intellectually empowering its leaders and collaborators, enabling to implement the Continuing Institutional Innovation Culture mindset.


Our consultancy covers innovation projects that involves Developing and creating new ideas, services, products, spin offs, business models, process reshaping, as well as the solutions to complex problems, anti-attrition mechanisms, anticipation of trends, ecosystem startups connections / solutions and specific needs on demand to create assertive strategic planning, Khanum employs agile methodologies, leveraged to the precepts of Business Neuroscience. This way, the cultural maturity of the corporate environment is perennially understood and correlated with the company’s transformational potential.

What we do .

Innovation Management - QMBW®

Innovation department’s Conceptualization, Structure, Implementation and Operation based in "Quick Win / Medium Win / Best Win" model

Innovation Culture- NRR®

"Neuro Reward Roadmap" Implementation of sustainable and continuous Innovation Culture based on precepts of applied neuroscience.

Product and Service Design - KIP®

"Khanum Innovation Process" Development focused on user’s usability and brain acceptability of products and services.

FDTRD® Digital Transformation

"Fast Digital Transformation ROI Driven" Digital transformation based on agile methods and return on investment.

Open Innovation

Connection to the ecosystem of innovation, startups and exponential technological solutions.

KISOP® Processes and Business Modeling

"Khanum Innovation on Standard Operational Procedure" and BMG Canvas.


Training, Courses and Lectures in company.

Other services

Specific Expertise to projects on demand, Understand more ..

Our differentials .

We have 12 great market differentials that will convince you to work with us. Check out!

Our methodologies .

We add a pinch of NeuroBusiness to main Methodologies and Good Market Practices. Understand more …

Our team .

We are a group of consultants with over 15 years of experience in the corporate market. Structured in a network model company, our team has expertises in:


Innovation, Neurobusiness, Traditional and Digital Marketing, Management and Governance, Information Technology, UX / CX, Product Design, Business and Services, Foreign Trade, Productive Creativity, Mindset Change, Law and Development Law, Human Talent, Branding, Neurobusiness, Rhetoric, Theater, Startups, Agile Methods, Innovation in Events, Administration, Education, Entertainment etc.


We are obsessed with results. We know innovation can suffer several counter times in its generating process but we are prepared for it. For us, the Final Result is what matters the Most.

Ideas Projects


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Impacted People


InWave® App .

InWave® App

Get to know our Acculturation Gamification App


We have developed InWave App in a way that encourages employees to actively participate in the innovation projects proposed.


By participating in innovation events and projects, the employee will receive a virtual score which he/she/they can exchange in a marketplace customized with the company’s layout.

Idea Catalyzer

We know the struggle to capture new ideas in the cooperate world, therefore, InWave came to help this process, that is, the employee can gain benefits by sharing personal new insights.