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Khanum is a consulting company that assists clients, among other aspects, in the creation of an internal innovation department/sector, in the intellectual training of employees and in the implementation of the culture of continuous institutional innovation.

We use our own methodology, based on the precepts of the Design Thinking and Neuroscience approach to understand the environment, create and develop new ideas, services, products, spin offs, business models, solve complex problems, anticipate needs, seek improvements in operational and logistical procedures, internal processes, appropriate technology, approach of the access/ sales team, relationship with the client and employee, interconnection of departments and internal and external communication, understanding of the user / human being, incitement to the productive creativity of employees, assistance to R&D and Marketing, etc.

In all these years we operate in different business segments and, with this, we have acquired a vast practical experience, differently from what we see in the market where there is a lot of disconnected theory from reality.

Therefore, for us, Innovation is in People and technology is just one of the means to achieve the result.

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